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Beyond the Great Beauty. Rescaling Heritage and Tourism.

Workshop internazionale di RSA - Regional Studies Association | 10/12 febbraio 2016 - RIMINI
RSA 2016

Intimate relationships exist between the enhancement and preservation of cultural heritage and tourism as a fundamental driver for regional development. The time has come to give due recognition to the rescaling processes affecting heritage and tourism destinations, intended both as upscaling and downscaling. Rescaling heritage and tourism destinations can be seen as both a strategy pursued by national and regional agencies, or as unintended consequences of the constant interplay between an increasingly complex array of stakeholders, including cross-national institutions and local communities.

The aim of the RSA research network is to examine tourism diversity from the perspective of regional development in order to identify current challenges and opportunities in a more systematic manner, and hence provide the basis for a more well-informed integration of tourism into regional development strategies and move beyond political short-termism and buzzword fascination.

The Rimini workshop aimed to discuss and exchange ideas, experiences, and research results about cultural heritage and tourismwith a particular focus on the rescaling processes. This endeavour has in fact the potential of shedding new light on the intricate and multilayered decision-making processes underpinning the rescaling of heritage and tourism.

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RSA, Research Network on Tourism and Regional Development

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Architecture of Totalitarian Regimes in Urban Managements | ATRIUM
UNESCO/UNITWIN Network “Culture, Tourism, Development” 
Network of Universities of the Council of Europe Cultural Routes Studies (NCRS)

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