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RECOLOR Italia-Croazia

The general goal of the RECOLOR project is to enhance the tourist potential of urban and natural landscapes in Croatia and Italy, often not fully exploited and not included yet in traditional tourist circuits.

Responsabile scientifico
Patrizia Battilani

Partner, oltre al CAST: Polytechnic of šibenik Comune di Campobasso, Comune di Cividale del Friuli, Montefeltro sviluppo società consortile a r.l., Municipality of Labin, City of Zadar

Thanks to its methodology, moving from the analysis of figurative artworks and the promotion of tourist itineraries based on them, RECOLOR is innovative in its capacity to address at the same time both natural and cultural heritage. The project will promote relevant and less known artworks, creating specific itineraries to visit the still-existing landscapes there depicted, developing new tourist offers and promoting a season adjustment of tourist flow. In this way the RECOLOR project intends to contribute to the diversification of tourism products and services, also improving the quality of tourism offer under the general vision of sustainable and responsible tourism. A major set of its activities will target the tourism actors, in order to support the increase of existing skills, as well as the development of new capacities and knowledge.

The project idea will be realized with the participation of the local stakeholders (municipalities, provinces, regions, universities, cultural institutions, public and private associations) and the community as a whole. A participatory process will be develop involving the local community in enhancing the new cultural attraction. The project focuses on involving local people in decisions about how their own landscape should develop in the future. It is planned to involve and train cultural landscape guides so as to act as ambassadors for the region, informing the public about its scenic qualities. The project team will work together with local experts to identify suitable sites for maintaining the natural environment that can serve as a counter-balance for nearby areas undergoing more intensive land development.



Patrizia Battilani

Professoressa associata confermata

Dipartimento di Scienze Economiche

Via Angherà 22

Rimini (RN)

tel: +39 051 20 9 2618